A Reformed Coup

December 29, 2015 – we played Coup and its expansion, Reformation, along with Splendor with CurrerBell’s parents.

coup expansion reformation

Her dad loves the social deduction of Coup and I had not played the expansion yet, so it was great to see it in action.

I’m not sure yet if it improves the original, but it certainly added a new dynamic which was fun and kept things interesting.


The Capture

In order to better understand the story I read and finished the first book in the “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” series, The Capture.

the capture cover

It was one of the first books that my oldest daughter had read that I had not so I wanted to see what was going on.

Overall a good read, more tragic than I would have thought but a solid start to the world building that would be needed in this fifteen book series.

I finished the book on December 15, 2015.