Skyrim Scripted, Page 2

Middas, 4:40pm, 20th of Last Seed,  4E 201

Rather then stick close to Whiterun as I did in my previous travels I decided to head to the northernmost city in Skyrim – Winterhold, home of the famed College of Winterhold.

City of Winterhold

Heading northward

Most NPCs have encouraged me not to get mixed up in the world of magic, but I believe furthering my education in the arcane arts will benefit (dare I say, save … ?) the world in the long run.

This is a path I’ve never traveled before so it was exciting heading further and further into new territory – I met Continue reading →


Skyrim Scripted, Page 1

Sundas, 5:00pm, 17th of the Last Seed

Down the road to Helgen town with my fellow prisoners, the surroundings slowly coming into focus as the sounds of the trees and the wheels on the road tell us that we’re on our way to face Imperial justice.

I’ve been through this sequence before but still enjoyed it, especially the ignoring of the dragon’s roar at the execution. A stray arrow, a loud peasant – those can be ignored by a group of Imperial soldiers without much fear.

But a thundering cry from an inhuman beast? Move along, nothing to worry about.

Dragon Attack Helgen

Remember that sound? That was me

I followed Ralof down to Helgen Keep and once all was clear made my way to Riverwood; this was a path I’d been down before and it felt good to see the old place again.

Passing the Standing Stones I met Continue reading →

Intro to Skyrim Scripted!

As we head into a new year I’ve become a part of a new world – on the planet of Nirn in the continent of Tamriel the providence of Skyrim resides, and now I reside in it as well.

I suppose “returned to a new world” would technically be the correct phrase in this case. I started The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim before but in each game I could never get past the overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed; not being able to game for extended amounts of time I would jump in and out when I could with other games also pressing in for my time – you know the feeling.

But I’m heading back! Why you ask? Two main reasons:

  1. The world and game are worth it; since I last put down Skyrim about two years ago I still think of the game and want to be a part of it
  2. I want to follow through on an idea I had previously – to journal my adventures and therefore be able to jump back in when I could without losing the feeling of being a part of the world

True you have the quest text to help you out and give you a snapshot of where you’re at, but for me it’s always been a little sparse. Those words don’t capture my experience in Skyrim, only my goals.

Skyrim Map

A World of Adventure! And sweet rolls!

So with along with armor, smelting skills and Continue reading →