Poldark (2015)

We finished the first series of Poldark on May 17th of this year.

Poldark opening title

We had taken a break about halfway through the season, reaching the point where most of the characters are in a state of general happiness.

What does that mean? When everyone’s happen you KNOW things will go wrong. Terrible wrong. Inexplicably wrong.

That did happen, but it was worth the watch. A view of the time period through the eyes of investment and commerce and how those things affect not only the individual but the entire community was a different angle on this type of drama and I really appreciated that.

A disappointing finale (ruined by the last scene, which reminded and summed up the negatives we had felt throughout the season) pointed in a direction that meant Currer and I won’t be continuing the series but as I said – it was worth it.



Jason Bourne (2016)


We saw Jason Bourne at the theater on August 1st of 2016 and were (unfortunately) disappointed.

After watching all the previous movies right before, their focus and drive only undermined this feature.

I have yet to watch it a second time – and I usually end up enjoying media more that time since I’ve had more time to process what’s going on and what the media’s goal is – so we’ll see what my thoughts are that second time around.