The curse of eagerness – sorry for the old news

I wanted to apologize for my post last week about the news originally put on out PasteBin; it turns out this was already old news by the time I got to it, and most likely false news at that.

I couldn’t believe that I would be the first person to talk about this supposed “leak”, so I checked through the first couple pages of the HBO forum and when I didn’t see anything so I thought I’d go ahead and post.

But the reason I didn’t find anything was that this info was originally from earlier in the year, so everyone had already talked about it and moved on 🙂

(Many thanks to Quirel for pointing me in the direction of the original thread on HBO)

So my eagerness at getting some new possible Halo 5 news – not to mention my inability to recognize Stinkles internet meme of sacasm (“Sounds Legit“) – lead me down the dark and dangerous path of assumption and I hope this didn’t raise anyone’s spirits too high for what may or may not be included in the game.

On the positive side, the tweets by Brad Welch (lead designer at 343 Industries) were/are 100% authentic and awesome so take a gander at them if you feel so inclined.



>>>>>>>[Post tenebras lux]

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