At the Foot of the Mountain

Thanks to Xbox’s Games with Gold we downloaded Celeste for free, and I actually feel a little bit bad about it – the game is fantastic and worth paying money for.

Still, I probably would not have purchased the game on my own so for the making the game available to as many people as possible is a definite win.

I’m glad I didn’t miss this one; a crazy-hard platformer (I’m currently on the last level with about 1,000 deaths to my “credit”) that I played sooner than I thought I would because after viewing others play it on Twitch I knew I had to start in right away or I never would.

That’s how tough it looked!

Completely worth it though and I look forward to completing the story.

I also need to mention that without the kids cheering me on through the game I probably would have quit. Actually I know I would have. They’ve kept me going!

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