Skyrim Scripted, Page 18

Fredas, 603:am, 26th of Heartfire

I continue my travels past the Abandoned Prison and Fort Amol but did not venture in, not yet. I have people to help, items to retrieve!

Speaking of the retrieval of items and helping people, I cleared out the Lost Knife Hideout to return a lost sword. It was a great area with a vast interior dome, having several levels that contained bandits that needed dealt with.

Skyrim Lost Knife Hideout
A Big Space

I slowly snuck up each one to take out the guards and now there’s a peacefulness to match the grand interior of the hideout.

On my way back to Whiterun I cleared two other areas, the giant at Cradlecrush Rock and the bandits at Valtheim Towers. I have fond memories of the towers; it was a place I had been to in my first play-through when I was just beginning to explore the world beyond the familiarity of Whiterun. Good times.

Another place I found in my wandering was the Ritual Stone. I’m a sucker for moments and locations with an importance around them, and this is a great spot in a good overlook.

Skyrim Ritual Stone
A Moment to Reflect

On this particular leg of my journey I went through a number of caves – the Forsaken Cave where I completed a portion of the “White Phial” quest (and defeated Curalmil, that clown deserved it), Darkshade, a small cave close to Valtheim Towers and Bronze Water Cave, close to possibly my most-used inn of the entire province (so far) – the Nightgate Inn.

I did not explore Bronze Water, but took a good look at the entrance and moved on. There are hints of a Dwemer presence so I’ll tackling this one later.

Back in Whiterun I was finally able to give Ysolda a mammoth tusk that she has asked me for towards the beginning of the game. A small thing but it feels good to check these things off the list of quests.

Another quest to check off the list on this run was “The Blessings of Nature” where I completed it the “correct” way after a rough play-through the first time I went through a portion of the game. Danica and Maurice are both satisfied with the “new sampling” solution as opposed to a couple of other ways it could have gone so it felt great to have that completed.

Skyrim Gildergreen
A New Life, a New Blessing

Long live the Gildergreen!




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