Skyrim Scripted, Page 22

Heading east of Windhelm I came across Traitor’s Post and Refugee’s Rest, each fine establishments (for a bandit house and abandoned tower). Of the two I appreciated the Rest more for the sense of history it brought with the Decree of Monument, a small tribute to “…the struggle of those who fled their native home of Morrowind in the time following the Red Year.”

Skyrim Traitor's Post
Your Friendly Neighborhood Traitor’s Post

From this solemn reminder it’s a short hike up the side of the nearby mountain to the Sacellum of Boethiah, a shrine to the Daedric Prince whose name it bears. The effect of the sky darkening the closer you came to it was a nice touch; at first I thought something was wrong with the lighting on my television.

However Boethiah’s calling is not something I’m going to follow up on, as murdering your own follower just isn’t what my guy’s all about in Skyrim these days. I left a following of Boethiah up there on the mountain so it seems I’m not essential to her evil plans anyway.

I mentioned that I came east. While continuing in that direction I discovered something I did not expect, and was surprised how much it surprised me – the end of the map.

Skyrim Refugees' Rest
Refugees’ Rest, Near the Edge of the World

I’ve grown so used to travelling, travelling, travelling wherever I want and to hit this invisible wall I thought I had to either go around the snow drift, or there was a path around it I had missed, but no – this was the end.

What was maddening was that my vision expended far beyond this point – I could see mountains, hills, more snow! What lay over this small rise? Why can I not pass?!

Of course it’s a reality in the game that this unreal invisible wall must exist, but I was shocked to find I was at the end of the world. That surprise is a testament to how vast the world is that’s presented to you, and how it makes you feel you can go anywhere.

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