Skyrim Scripted, Page 20

I initiated “The Whispering Door” quest but I don’t really care for where it’s headed – I may complete it or it will just hang out there, a thread never to be unraveled.

That quest may remain raveled but another takes it’s place – “Rise in the East.” I’m helping the East Empire Company get back on its feet, which involves getting to the bottom of some dastardly deeds by a group of pirates that you come to know by the name “Blood Horkers.”

East Empire Company sign Skyrim
“Your go-to Trading Company”

Of course my first task down this road of preventing one group from stealing from another is to steal something – the logbook of Suvaris Atheron. It’s unfortunate as I had met her before and we established a dialogue, and she’s been treated poorly by those in Windhelm who think Skyrim should be Nords only. I felt bad for her and consider her a friend.

A friend I would steal from in order to complete a stage of quest, apparently.

Next onto Stony Creek Cave where I found an unusual gem; it was also a unique enough underground location that I enjoyed exploring it, and that can’t be said for every hole in the ground in Skyrim.

“That Was Always There” quest completed – I returned Viola Giordano’s ring to her dresser with her none the wiser and Revyn Sadri was thankful, so all good there.

“Aftershock” was one I enjoyed – first because it’s connected with the College of Winterhold which gives me nostalgic feelings of the early game and second because the Eye of Magnus was a cool plot line that I liked to see extended.

I closed the portal located to the north of Ustengrav;  it was an unassuming place that was striking due to the swamp/snow dynamic that’s unique to the Hjaalmarch hold.

Heading on the road northeast I passed the Hall of the Vigilant, destroyed and on fire. Coming upon it ablaze in the dead of night with the dark red flames licking the jet black night sky made for a striking scene.

I had never see the Hall in its normal condition, so things have happened that I’m unaware of. Evil moves against the Vigilant…

Progress has been made on the “Forbidden Legend” quest, and I’m closer to combining all the pieces of the three traitorous sons who murdered their father. Looking at the big picture I should probably let sleeping amulets lie, but what the heck? I have a chance to help write the final chapter in this ancient legend, once thought lost to all time! Should be good.

Daynas Valen had the same kind of mentality; he wouldn’t stop until he had the power of the amulet for himself. Either that or he’d die trying, and unfortunately the latter proved to be his course. His tent was right next to the entrance of Folgunthur and I nearly missed it; it was a really cool find as he journals added his (unsavory) backstory and more lore to the location and quest.

Daynas Valen ten Skyrim
Daynas Valen’s last home, outside of Folgunthur

There was also a Word Wall at Folgunthur (the Greybeards said it would be) so I’m closer to being the complete Dragonborn.

An interesting event of scripting took place that I had never seen before. There was a group of Revelers, Nord farmers who roam the countryside just loving life and spirits.

However this particular group was brought to an untimely end; I happened upon them as a sabrecat was attacking and took out all three of them. It’s crazy the way the game interacts with itself sometimes!

Down along the coast (north of Windhelm, a little to the east) I found a body with a note about retrieving an amulet, moved her by the tree next to the water. Who is she and what’s happened? So far I haven’t been able to find out any clues about it and the scene made me sad. What’s her story?

Quests Completed:

  • Aftershock
  • That Was Always There



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